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I trust that everyone is having an excellent summer so far. For this month’s blog, I have chosen one of the most popular and common procedures to discuss, a procedure so ancient that its practice dates back to Ancient Egyptian times.

Nefertiti Ancient Egyptian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can help enhance the shape and size of the nose. When performed by the right properly accredited surgeon, it can be a safe and highly satisfactory procedure. Of course, it must be performed on the right person for the right reasons as well.

It can help correct deformities or irregularities from trauma or those that we were born with.

It can also be coupled with a procedure to help with breathing problems and snoring known as septorhinoplasty. In fact, in Quebec, with a valid RAMQ health card, the Regie Assurance Maladie du Quebec can financially cover a portion of a septorhinoplasty! This will allow you to have more affordable pricing for your desired nose job while also treating breathing problems.

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Rhinoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. General anesthesia for this surgery is usually more comfortable for both patient and surgeon as it can help reduce major intra-op complications.


Rhinoplasty Benefits

Other than the previously mentioned septorhinoplasty which can help with breathing problems, this procedure can help with defects involving all structures of the nose including the bone, cartilage, tip shape and size, nasal dorsal hump, nostril shape and size, angles and proportions.


Types of Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty: all the incisions are made in the nasal mucosa (the skin inside the nose) so no external visible scars are seen.

Open Rhinoplasty: this method involves an internal incision and a small external incision that usually heals with no noticeable scar. This technique helps the surgeon visualize the nasal bone and cartilage more than the closed rhinoplasty and can be better suited for surgeries that require more “work” or need a higher level of enhancement.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: this plastic surgical technique uses the injection of dermal fillers to augment the nose thus creating subtle or dramatic changes. By using these non-permanent injectables in the office, the surgeon can help the patient create filling contours, camouflage skin irregularities, fill-in low areas, visually decrease humps, define and enhance the tip, and give the nose an overall “finished” look.  Generally, dermal fillers last 6-9 months.  This procedure is much cheaper in the short term and can help the patient “preview” his or her nose before they commit to a more permanent surgical rhinoplasty. The advantage is that it can be as quick as 5 minutes in the office with no anesthesia necessary. The recovery time is minimal. Because non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of adding dermal fillers to alter shape, it is not recommended for very large or very asymmetric noses.

If you are considering a rhinoplasty or a septorhinoplasty, remember that you can always come and see me for a more personal consultation. Once again, my mission is to provide patients with utmost, prioritized care aimed to enhance your comfort, provide you with a safe procedure, and minimize your recovery time, but most importantly, help you achieve the natural improvement you seek.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s blog. Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback. For all other questions or personal concerns, do not hesitate to come and see me in person for a consultation and a closer examination. I work very closely with my patients to determine their best options and help them make an informed-decision. I would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

Dr Hani Sinno Moetreal.com Interview

Source: http://www.moetreal.com/dr-hani-sinno/

Dr. Hani Sinno


“We’re all human beings – we all deserve the best.”

When I met Dr. Hani Sinno, a top rated Montreal plastic surgeon with a very unique professional background, I felt a deep and comfortable connection right away. It was like time had stopped and I found myself connecting with a powerful yet very sensitive human being. I was in a safe place.

Dr. Sinno knows a thing or two about fragility and empowerment. As a child, he grew up in the Persian Gulf where war and political instability forced his parents to take him through 9 major moves just to keep him safe. From Lebanon, to Bahrain, to Canada, back and forth, Dr. Sinno had to learn to adapt quickly, learn new skills and languages, make new friends and adopt various cultures – fast. Being cheerful and highly sensitive to other people’s feelings was a question of survival, and what makes for a highly sought after professional today.

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Dr. Hani had always wanted to study Medicine, and right after his dad moved him back to Lebanon when the Civil War ended, he flew again to Canada to continue his education. He then embarked on a path to acquire what I call “extreme knowledge”. First, he was admitted to one of Canada’s top universities, McGill, and graduated #1 of his class in his Science Major, Physiology. He received numerous awards and honors including admission to McGill Medical School. In Medicine, he continued to excel and continued his educational journey following his passion for improving quality of life of his patients in the field of plastic surgery. During his residency, he completed a two-year biomedical engineering masters degree in just one year and was granted a Research Fellowship. During this time, he discovered a natural collagen-complement formation to strengthen wounds. His work was considered for a few patents at McGill and got 4 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious scientific journals.Realizing he loved research, he went on and got over 80 abstracts published, lectured in 44 national and international meetings, and published over 44 peer-reviews in manuscripts.

For those who don’t know, plastic surgery is the most competitive discipline in Medicine, and requires a residency of 5 to 6 years following a medical degree comprised of 4 years. Not only did Dr. Sinno graduate from a top school, but he is also one of very few plastic surgeons in Montreal who have completed a prestigious 1-year fellowship in aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sinno completed the aforementioned at one of the world’s top universities: Harvard. This meaningfully translates into extreme knowledge and enhanced safety. Dr. Sinno knows how to perform some of the most complex and intricate reconstructions, how to use the most cutting edge technology and how to proactively avoid pitfalls to maximize results and minimize recovery time.

Essentially, this extra training makes Dr. Sinno a Super-Surgeon in our eyes while his personality makes him a gem. He always treats his patients like they were family members. The conversations with them inspire complete trust and confidentiality. He knows how to establish a grounded connection with them, and having experienced the soothing vibe of his presence myself, I understand what sets him apart.

Dr. Sinno loves doing reconstructive surgery becauseit offers a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients recovering from severe illness such as breast cancer or major trauma. It allows them to feel normal again. Providing this crucial step in full recovery is the ultimate reward as patients are allowed to enjoy their physical bodies again, regain their function, and gain back their full confidence with one thought only: “I beat cancer, I can do anything!” Cosmetic surgery, which makes for a large portion of his practice, is a totally different challenge because it is about dealing with “improving the normal rather than fixing what is broken”. Both require an extensive high quality training combined with a deep love for human beings and a genuine desire to help them.

Aside from his very successful professional practice, Dr. Sinno is very generous of his time and expertise. He is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at McGill University and also teaches at University of Montreal. He enjoys teaching to medical students and residents, the next generation of medical practitioners and surgeons. In addition, Dr. Sinno actively volunteers for two non-profit organizations, namely: 1- Médecins du Monde, where he treats refugees from all around the world who have suffered the atrocities of war and poverty; and 2- Operation Smile (children born with abnormal lips and palates).

Regarding his future plans, they are all about striving to continually enhance his patients’ quality of life,improve their state of being and attend to their concerns. “Everyone is fragile and can be empowered to feel great and beautiful, no matter what their starting point is. My job is to help them achieve a state of self-confidence and well-being, within the utmost respect.”

Dr. Sinno’s story is one of true success; he is now rated within the top 10 Plastic Surgeons in the country according to RateMDs.com while achieving a prestigious top 2 in Quebec. You can find more about Dr. Sinno by visiting www.drhanisinno.com and you can book your consultation now at 514-DR-SINNO (514-377-4666).


Joëlle Parent-Proulx, Présidente

Dr. Hani Sinno