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Lean, sculpted arms have become an increasingly coveted physical attribute over the past ten years, as media attention on the chiseled arms of many celebrities. Men and women alike began to see the aesthetically desirable enhancements sculpted arms could have on the appearance of their overall physiques, and set off to the gym in an effort to reshape their arms. However, although exercise can help to build and tone the muscles of the arms, it cannot effectively correct the issue of arm skin that has lost its elasticity (due to age, weight loss or genetics), nor can it eliminate the problem of excess fat deposits in the arm area, and both of these problems can cause the condition of ptosis (sagging, drooping skin) in the upper arm region.

Fortunately, the brachioplasty (upper arm lift) procedure was designed to treat and correct the problematic aesthetic issue of excess upper arm skin and fat deposits.

  • It is an excellent option for patients seeking to restore a youthfully lean, firm, and sculpted appearance to their arms.
  • Brachioplasty is also a helpful procedure for patients who have undergone significant weight loss and are left with large amounts of excess skin in the upper arm region.
  •  Arm lift surgery can efficiently remove the excess, hanging skin, and enhance the contours of the arms, thereby enabling patients to truly appreciate the fruits of their weight loss efforts.
  • In order to ensure optimal arm lift results, this surgery should be performed by a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Hani Sinno, M.D., who has helped many patients sculpt and enhance the appearance of their arms with brachioplasty procedures at his private practice in Montreal, Quebec.


The amount of skin excision required during an arm lift surgery varies from patient to patient. Dr. Sinno will individualize the aesthetic enhancement and tailor it specifically for each patient.

  • Full Upper Arm Lift: involves an incision running from the armpit along the underside of the arm to the elbow. The full lift is appropriate for patients with moderate to severe skin elasticity problems caused by the natural aging process, or for patients who wish to remove excess skin after drastic weight loss.
  • Mini Arm Lift: entails a similar incision to the full arm lift, but on a reduced scale, and is most often used for patients who present with an average amount of excess skin as a result of age, or having lost a moderate amount of weight.

After evaluating and classifying your degree of arm ptosis (sagging skin), Dr. Sinno will review your arm lift options, and help you to select the appropriate brachioplasty technique to help you achieve your surgical goals.


  • Arm lift surgery generally takes 1-4 hours, after which, you will be released to a friend or family member and may return home to continue your recovery.
  • You will be advised to refrain from moving your arms above your shoulders immediately following your arm lift procedure.
  • You may experience some swelling and bruising that will peak 2-3 days after your arm lift, and will subside within approximately 14 days, which may differ depending on the patient and extend of the lift.
  • You will be able to see visible aesthetic improvements in your arm region immediately following your brachioplasty, and these results will continue to progress over the following weeks, as the incision site heals and the swelling decreases.


Dr. Sinno and his well-trained team members have worked to create a welcoming, healing office environment, and will take the time to thoroughly explain your brachioplasty procedural details and options. Your arm lift procedure will be uniquely customized to reflect your specific aesthetic goals, and you can be assured that you will have the best possible patient care throughout your arm lift experience. If you would like additional information about arm lift surgery, please contact Dr. Sinno’s office today. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions, and to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sinno.

Pre and Post Operative Photos

Please Click here for representative examples of pre and post-operative photos of patients from the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

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