Breast Revision


Although breast implants generally last at least ten years, unforeseen complications may necessitate a secondary breast procedure, known as a breast revision surgery, at a later date in order to correct any problematic issues that have negatively impacted the condition of the original breast implants.  Breast revision surgeries are also performed on patients whose aesthetic preferences have shifted over time, and who now wish to modify the shape, size or texture of their original implants.

Secondary breast surgeries are complex and intricate procedures, and should only be performed by a competent plastic surgeon with experience performing breast revision surgery, such as Dr. Hani Sinno, M.D.  Dr. Sinno is a compassionate plastic surgeon who has helped patients correct implant-related complications, and improve upon the results of their initial breast surgery with breast revision procedures at his private practice in Montreal, Quebec.

Below you will find a list of the most common factors motivating patients to undergo breast revision surgery:

Aesthetic Revisions

  • Reducing the size of the original implants
  • Increasing the size of the original implants: According to FDA statistics, women desiring larger implants account for 37% of all breast revision surgeries performed in America
  • Changing the type of implant (ie. switching from saline to silicone) to correct problems with implant rippling, or the desire for an implant that feels more like natural breast tissue
  • Having the breast implants completely removed, which may or may not be performed in conjunction with a breast lift surgery (mastopexy)

Implant-Related Complications

  • Resolve capsular contracture complications: capsular contracture involves a hardening or contracting of the breasts, resulting from scar tissue that has built up around the implant, and is the number one factor motivating patients to seek out breast revision surgery. Breast revision surgery to treat capsular contracture involves a capsulectomy or capsulotomy procedure to remove the excess scar tissue.
  • Correct implant malposition: when the breast implants are positioned incorrectly on the chest wall, they can shift and move too close together (medially), too high (superiorly), too low (“bottoming out”), or too far apart (laterally). Breast revision surgery can resolve this issue and relocate the implants to a more aesthetically pleasing position.
  • Replacing implants that have deflated or ruptured
  • Reverse any undesirable breast changes resulting from age, weight loss, breast feeding or pregnancy.
  • Correct asymmetry of the breasts (breasts that are different sizes) or unnatural-looking nipples following breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Dr. Sinno has performed breast revision procedures on patients motivated by the aforementioned factors, and customizes each surgery to treat the unique issues each patient wishes to address. During your breast revision surgery, Dr. Sinno will employ precise surgical techniques to prevent future breast surgery complications, and to ensure your continued satisfaction with the results of your breast revision procedure.


Breast revision procedural details and recovery periods vary significantly depending on the exact nature and details of each patient’s case and procedural goals; however, patients can rest easy knowing that in every case, Dr. Sinno utilizes the most advanced surgical methods and equipment in order to shorten your post-operative recovery time, and enable you to resume your busy schedule as quickly as possible.


Dr. Sinno and his well-trained team members have worked to create a welcoming, healing office environment, and will take the time to thoroughly explain your breast revision procedural details and options. Your breast revision surgery will be uniquely customized to reflect your specific aesthetic goals, and you can be assured that you will have the best possible patient care throughout your breast revision experience. If you would like additional information about breast revision surgery, please contact Dr. Sinno’s office today. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions, and to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sinno.

Dr. Hani Sinno